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#144931 - Heather said finally you grew a pair and she tried to get on me and I said fuck no get away and go over to Chris and then I got to my feet and I helped Libbie up and we picked up our cloths got dressed and went to my truck. While we were doing that Heather went over to Chris and fucked him while Brittany was making out with Heather and Chelsea started making out with Chris IN MY TRUCK Me and Libbie got in my truck and we drove to the school(which was out on summer break) and I parked and we started making out and she started going down on me and then she started sucking on my dick and it felt so good and her eyes were so beautiful looking up at my with those baby blue eyes. When we got done grilling we served it to the ladies and after we ate cake the Heather said time for presents then games.

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