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#348403 - When she laurien finished the dishes she got on her knees waiting for her next order as she looks at his master being licked clean she can't help it but smile . He smiles as he grabs her hips rams him self as deep a possible and starts to unload in her shot after shot of his seed flooding her bowels to the brim making sure she gets nocked up after a few minutes of filling her up he pulls out his dick still covered in a mid of juices and cum his slaves bend over eager to taste it laurien and his mom sucking one side cleaning him with smiles on there faces as he looks over the Laura breathing deeply laying on the floor face down and ass up his load coming out off her like a river look at you beloved daughter Brian now she I nothing else then a slave and a mother of my children he says laughing while Brian hangs his head in shame James stands up and sits on the sofa as his 3 slaves line up infront of him all on there knees good girls tomorrow it's Monday and we will go to schoo

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Friendly reminder that the 4th great ninja war only lasted 2 days
Midare toushirou
Damn i wish i can eat it