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#149797 - Good evening gentlemen, offered John, and what brings you way out here on this fine June evening? Good evening Brother John, answered a very somber William Hawkins, this is not a pleasure call, but it something we must discuss with you with great reluctance! By now Catherine Smith had joined her husband at the door, and after inviting the three visitors inside everyone took a seat and got comfortable before John leaned forward and said, You had something on your mind, William? John, William answered, you know the penalty for fornication? What's this about, William, questioned John, why would the law against fornication have anything to do with me? Not you, John, but I regret to say it, but about your daughter, Rachel, replied William. They had progressed by now, to the point that when they would meet, they would quickly shed their clothing and take a dip in the warm river water, frolicking and enjoying each other's company, and while they had not consumma

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Something happened with the encoding guys we are working on getting a clean clip up
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