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#176821 - Reaching to below her breasts the hand stops as she gasps out loud. You will dress in the clothing which you will receive shortly, make sure you Wear everything; you will then be at the Hotel Castor by 8pm Enter the bar and sit in the 3rd booth at the far end of the room. Crying now with the pain of the pleasure Sally feels herself pulled over onto her side while the man pulls out and the 2nd man lays in front of her and enters her fucking her just as hard as the 1st man, again she screams as this hard cock pounds her stretching her even further with its thicker width, now Sally feels the 1st man behind her and his cock touches her arsehole, ‘NO!’ she begs and before she can speak again he thrusts hard into her virgin arsehole, Sally feels like she’s being torn apart both front and back as the men fuck her in unison driving into her abused holes in time with each other, Sally’s screams are conti

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