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#52777 - In one swift movement Joleen yanked down his trousers and, like a jack -in-the-box Jacob’s rock hard penis sprung free. His brother was currently dating a girl from Gwillam’s college. Gwillam was desperate for any kind of sexual activity and when his parent were out he would surf the web for hardcore porn, but now he was after bigger thrills! When his parents were out, Gwillam would pretend to go out and hide in his room, listening intently for sounds of Joleen moaning in horny ecstasy! But always he was disappointed when all he heard was the TV, or silence except the sound of his own heart pumping so loud he feared Jacob and Joleen would hear him and find him out! One day in early spring, his mother and father announced they had booked a two week cruise as a last minute deal for their anniversary and the brothers would be left at home for the first time without their parents.

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