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#381779 - Keniesha looked at me and said i looked beautiful in the matching pink panties and bra, she chose another set of lingerie for me to try on so i took the bra and panties of and she handed me a sheer white teddy and matching lacy panties to try on so she helped me to step into the panties and then pulled the teddy over my head and let it fall down onto my body, You look so sexy in that lingerie and this is what we want you in when Jack fucks you Keniesha said i loved the feel of the material on my body and agreed with her ‘damn i want you right now Jayden but we better wait till we are home to have fun’ i smiled at her and she helped me take the teddy off first and she leant down and sucked my tits for a bit then she helped me out of the panties and back into my bra panties top and skirt then we walked over to the counter put the lingerie down and paid for it then told me to go and wait at the coffee shop again while she went to grab a few things so while she was gone i brought myself a

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