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#5225 - The two of them did the dishes in silence, until when they were about half way through, Uncle Ned nonchalantly mentioned, I found your magazines when I dusted under your bed today, do you think that those are the type of magazines a boy of your age should be reading!?! Gil turned a bright shade of red and fumbled to find the proper words to answer his uncle! A bemused smile crept across his face as he watched his nephew twist in the wind, and for the next several minutes he let him stew in his embarrassment until he continued on, Well, I guess a boy your age would just naturally show an interest in sex, but I'm not to sure that those skin magazines are the best way to go about it!!! Have you ever seen a boy’s erection before, he asked in all seriousness!?! No, he whispered, I haven't! All done, he intoned, as he handed the last glass to Gil for drying, let's go into the living room and talk about this a little further! The two of them sat down on the sofa

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