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#178395 - Now his testicles were free of any mosquitoes’ sperm therefore making the boy fertile again capable of producing a trillion swimmers per day to feed on the egg-case. He wanted to resist to the parasite but it was useless the parasite released a huge amount of dopamine and made him cum uncontrollably, the transparent-egg case filled rather quickly with a burst of white liquid, the boy’s cum would be used to keep the egg-case stable and alive to keep nourishing the eggs, the egg-case would consume the boy’s semen’s nutrients to make sure the eggs grow well and healthy. Many worms would deposit their eggs around the boy’s glans, the eggs were quite sticky, so they would add pretty well without problem to the boy’s glans and corona, this part was quite warm and humid, perfect for their metamorphosis, the worms created a transparent case around the boy’s cock head by using their sticky spit.

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