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#122556 - As Marla cleaned his boot, Lord Krinn heard a squeal from upstairs indicating Gronn had found his payment and then footsteps on the stairs as Gronn dragged her downstairs. ” As Cynthia was dragged down the stairs, she took in the scene quickly…her father sitting on the couch, his white shirt soaked with what had to be his blood on both sleeves…her mother naked and bent over, licking the boot of the man sitting in father’s chair, her ass and pussy prominently displayed for anyone watching…The man standing behind father and slightly to the left, a wicked looking dagger in his hand, covered in her father’s blood…and finally the man in father’s chair, slowly rising to his feet dressed in a tailored black suit, white silk shirt, red silk tie and knee high, black leather riding boots. You and the rest of the men outside can have your way with Marla…make it a lasting impression then return to the fortress when you are finished.

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