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#248809 - I walked up to her and ran my hand over her flawless body up her sides to her armpits over her breasts down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy down her thighs back up to her tits where I began fondling and pinching all over squeezing and pulling on her nipples which immediately became hard and she began moaning in both pleasure and pain I then started slapping her roughly causing her slightly tanned skin to redden and she started to cry and she soon began pleading from under her gag. She quieted and I continued exploring her body again I ran my hand down her stomach to her pussy I ran my index finger over her pussy lips to feel that she was sopping wet her clit was hard and I pinched it she squealed and wiggled trying to get free from the pain. She started to pled with me to release her and saying she was sorry for what she did.

Read Girl Get Fuck [Yokkora] S-Kano M-Kare (Comic Masyo 2015-05) [Chinese] [shenshi999個人漢化] Nipple SKare

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