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#396904 - With a flick I undid his top button on his shorts and the mass swelling up underneath put so much pressure on the zip it stater slowly undoing itself my eyes were drawn to his crotch at this point waiting with anticipation to see what his cock looked like but the slow reveal happening before my eyes was killing me so I grabbed hold an tore down the zip along the last of its lengths and out flopped his big mushroom headed cock as he began to nussle my neck I inspected the rest his shaft was long about 8-9 inches and a s thick as a cricket bat handle. When I regained my senses I realised I focused on the license hanging in the front of the cab but couldn’t make out the name that’s when I realised I didn’t ask it to begin with name so with a sexy voice I mustered “so when your ploughing me whose name do I call out in pleasure” he lent back and began to remove his shirt and said “your cloths take them off now I obliged enjoying the order as it sent chills up my spine. “oh hell yes” I

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