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#156466 - . Unless I'm just like you, is that it, her teacher said by finishing her sentence!?! A-are you, Ellyn asked, almost afraid to find out what the answer would be!?! For the moment ignoring the young girl's question, Miss Gray slowly opened her robe to reveal her large naked breasts to Ellyn's bulging eyes and asked softly, Do you like large breasts, dear, mine are 38d!?! Still in a state of shock, nothing sound would come out of Ellyn's mouth, so when Miss Gray took her hand and placed it directly on one of her large boobs she offered no resistance what so ever!!! Mmmmmm, you have very nice hands, her teacher said while leaning back on the sofa, would you like to suck them!?! Finally regaining her bearings, Ellyn opined softly, They're huge, does it feel nice when I'm touching them!?! Oh, yes, she replied softly, but if you suck them it feels even nicer, and so with her left hand, she took Ellyn by the back of the neck and gently but fi

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