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#248646 - She wished the huge cock was real and was squirting a hot load of sperm into her convulsing pussy! “Aaaaah, ahhhh, unnngggghhhhhh!” she screamed. He even tried a gay bar, just to see if that lifestyle ‘called to him’, but he failed at that too, being too shy to approach anyone and too embarrassed to make eye-contact. He could still remember her words, encouraging him and training him, time after time; “Lick me up and down my slit! Now, go deep! Swallow my juices; slurp them up before they run down my thighs! Lick my clit, hard! Now, suck my clit - NOT SO FUCKIN HARD, ASSHOLE! Lick it up, lick it deep! Deeper… DEEPER, I SAID!” He learned from her how she liked to be serviced; when to be soft and gentle, when to be forceful, when to bring her to the edge, and when to take her over the top.

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