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#50796 - Of course we fucking can! Inspector Head insisted, Jesus wept! I'll have to ask Mr Head, Sandra asked and paused, Perhaps tomorrow? Turn the bloody speaker phone on, Inspector Head insisted. Well it's not cheap, Jenkins said, Thomas wants two thousand pounds a night. Oh well never mind, I said as I watched the control room team, I guess I'll wait down the Dog and Duck unless your 'sopping hole' needs attention eh Sharon? I'd take you up on that if we didn't have and audience! Sharon replied, Oops, she says, duty calls, Good Evening, Pedo Supplies, the North West's premier supplier of Pedophile supplies, how may I help you? Oh, I wanted a twenty seven by one and a quarter inner tube, this guy asked, Do I have the wrong number? I'm afraid so sir, this is Pedophile supplies, Sharon explained.

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