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#34048 - “Finally…” she said out loud, as her body settled and Naira opened her eyes, panting softly, it had been her voice that spoken, but it had also been Aludiana’s, she hadn’t willed the words, Aludiana had. The drives were deep and slow at first, pushing into him until their bodies met, pushing the air from him in a loving groan before she pulled back, until only the tip remained inside him, her tempo steady for now as they stared into each other's eyes, her breasts gliding gently up and down his chest, heavy and soft against him as she worked herself up and down. ” She furrowed her brow, both of them having control was interesting, to say the least, but to Naira’s surprise she moved to stand, Aludiana’s control seemingly stronger than Naira’s over their shared body, though Naira was in no way pushed aside, so she could feel everything as if she was just herself.

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