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#80719 - She kinda just looked at me with wide eyes. I know this sounds like something an avid foot lover would fabricate, because yeah it's straight out of a scenario from one of the pics on this site, but I kid you not, that smell, vaguely of vinegar and honey and sweat and the rubber soles of her shoes (you know, that perfectly sweet stink that could ONLY come from a teenage girl going barefoot in converse and completing strenuous physical activity in the summer heat). We lived in different neighborhoods, but went to the same middle school and had become best friends and stayed that way for a few years.

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Mutsunokami yoshiyuki
Love you too babe i agree back to our roots
Kaito kuroba
I would love to suck his big cock an swallow every drop
Yuko hori
Damn i really want to get fucked like that