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#384580 - The old Cashier opened the side emergency door which led into a narrow alleyway, I made my way to top end of town to the public toilet it was an old Victorian in design with huge china urinals, the copper water pipes gleaming from regular cleaning, the speckled marble floor had developed cracks over the years. Eventually when the man placed his hand between my legs I immediately open them allowing his entry to my panty covered cock, I heard a grating sigh from the man’s voice, an indication he was thrilled and delighted he didn’t have work persuade me to help to help satisfy his lust. The Man just smiled at me, he was about 50 years of age, balding head, he wore the typical dress code of his age a shirt, a tie, a suit, and of course he carried a beige coloured Macintosh.

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Yamato naoe
What part of bama are you located