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#110487 - I just rubbed her hair and told her,” baby it was so good to cum 8nside your mommas pussy while you were watching my cock fuck her” she pulled off of my cock and told me “ Daddy I loved seeing your cock fuck her pussy but I want so much for that to be my pussy that you fill with your cum” I just put both of my hands on her face and pulled her back onto my cock and it was soft enough now that she got the whole thing in her mouth. I went back into the bathroom and Vicky was just stepping out of the shower and she leaned over to kiss me and I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she just moaned. I went to the bathroom and Logan was sitting there with a smile on her face and she just looked at me and turned away from me and got up on her knees so I could wash her back.

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You are so fucking hot usually i skip boring parts on porn but with you there is no boring part
Ema skye
Not bad for 16 mins hell yeah all i need is 10 baby 2 mins of pumping and 8 mins of crying
Spike spiegel
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