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#65723 - It was nearly 9pm when the main man arrived, Jerry and two younger men one of which I was later to find out was his brother Tim and his friend Alan, as I welcomed them in Alan said “you must be Dave, I have heard a hell of a lot about YOU” Tim pushed him forward and away from me it was obvious they had been drinking so I said nothing in return, all in all I guess there would have been about 30 people in the house spread throughout the lounge, sitting room, kitchen and dining room. Tim and Jerry had gotten up and wandered into the kitchen I guess to get a drink, Jenny was still sitting next to the passed out Carl but looked over to me and asked “is that cock booked by anyone”? I looked down and saw that I was still rock hard and to my eye it looked much bigger that it had ever done before “you had better ask Amanda” I replied “it got me into trouble with her before” I added. I asked Susan what Amanda had planned for the evening but all she knew was that after a few drinks most of t

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Kana iwata
That gape is too hot
God please transform me in this toy
Akari amano
Any ladies wanna take my ass
Akane isshiki
Imagine paying for some bitch to pretend to use a vibrator
Yukina shirahane
Name of girl with tattoos