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#13779 - Cindy, had down right big boobs, probably a D-cup, and while Jill was smaller, she made up for it with quality over quantity! Getting his mind back to the task at hand, Mark hopped on a stationary bike and set the timer for ten minutes. I'm going to ride your fucking pecker you black stud man, she said, while lowering her pussy onto the egg sized head! With excruciating slowness, Jill settled her cunt over the throbbing black pecker, with every inch resulting in a mini orgasm for the hot pusied little bitch!!! Her cunt had never been abused like this before, and it strained to let the big cock invade it's depths! He's so fucking big, groaned Jill, my cunt is so full I can't believe it! Now just sitting still, Jill had all ten inches buried up to her pussy, and slowly tightening and untightening her cunt muscles, she felt a huge orgasm rip through her crotch! Jesus Christ I'm cumming, she screamed, I'm not even moving and that black pecker is makin

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