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#342297 - His body tried to ejaculate in the dirt where he was laying but nothing would come out of his body, the mosquitoes had already absorbed all his nutrients and dried his ducts of mature-sperm. It aimed its proboscis at a different place, a little bit upwards the boy’s testicles, the insect had found the vas deferens-tube which contains the boy’s mature-fresh-fertile sperm, the proboscis started going deeper and deeper until it punctured the left vas deferens-tube, the mosquito absorbed all the mature sperm like a vacuum, while the mosquito was absorbing one of Sebastian’s ducts of sperm, the boy’s left testicle started twitching because the duct was connected to his testicle and his precious fertile-seed was being stolen violently, the duct started to shrink because all the seed it contained had being absorbed. The mosquito’s saliva had a side effect on Sebastian’s body, its saliva actuated as an aphrodisiac and it made Sebastian’s cock extremely hard forcing his penis to become enlar

Read Assgape Go chūmon o uketamawarimashita Bald Pussy Go chūmon o uketamawarimashita

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