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#255884 - ON your knees again, and rammed the vibrator deep in me, I cum with in seconds, I love anal cum's, so hard and intense and I can have so many too, as she ripped me a new one, Gail was now under me sucking my cock, Ray playing with Sue, made her cum a few times too, Then Sue went of, returning with my 12 inch monster dildo in the strap on, Ray's eye’s went wide Gail lay speechless, as Sue pushed it in doggy cum oozing out with ever trust, Gail licking it up as it run onto her face, Sue let me up after some 30 mins or so and Gail just had to try the strap on out fucking me again for some time, Sue getting up for Ralph to fuck her while Gail continued to fuck my hole, Ray was shocked that he liked what he saw, saying seeing me being fucked was so horny, I said once you try anal it is so good pussy cum’s in second, he said no way. Like a lot of young married couples with kids, Sue stayed at home while I worked, the slight difference with us, was, she often met guys for se

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