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#338872 - me alone I didn't really want to see how that would end out just walk away kid I mean what are you her boyfriend or something he said turning to face her so girly is your boy friend here going to save you the guy holding her wrist said making the other 2 guys laugh shut up perv he's not my friend he's nothing to do with me she almost screamed at him making me to think what the hell was her issue with me so what's it going to be kid get your ass beaten for this worthless stuck up bitch or walk away but no matter how badly in pain I felt I couldn't just leave her here with them yeah well see here's the thing im going to have to say no to that I said with a smirk to look as confident and as ready as I could be dropping my backpack to the floor but all that was running through my head was that this wasn't going to end well why don't you 2 deal with that fucking kid before we get started I herd the biggest guy there s

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