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#204078 - All the animals are trained… zoophilia is encouraged. Every 4-5 months her husband and some black guys explore the area out the Lodge to catch meat to be frozen and cooked for very special dinners with selected guests. Ed jumped in the water and suddenly three mature guests surrounded him, one of them pushed is dick in his ass “Welcome new guest, I’m Phil” “I’m Ed, Ahh, Phil, please slowly, were are the boys?” “You mean the young boys? They stay into the hotel, who meet them usually fucks them in the reserved rooms, inside there are alcoholics, cocaine, screens with porn movies very extreme and so on, if you catch one or two young boys you can organize a party with your friends, when the boys are drunk you can have a lot of fun” “I see, my young son is at the reception”… “Do you fuck him Ed?”.

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