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#357452 - He kept it simple, nothing fancy, but her dance was feminine, practised and astoundingly graceful, something he hadn’t expected from someone effectively with two left feet. “S-so,” he said, a little loudly, voice unadjusted from the yelling he’d had to do to be heard over the din of the club, “back to yours?” She looked down at him, a sparkle in her eyes as she nodded, “Mmhm! We’re gonna have some fun, you and me. He didn’t reply, he didn’t need to, he simply wrapped his hand in the collar of her T-shirt and tugged her forward, bring her lips to his.

Read Brunet Shounen no Houkago - Original Vietnamese Shounen no Houkago

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Leona heidern
I hope she is bi
Ridiculously hot makes me want to go back to paris already
You re absolutely astounding as always gorgeous i came sooo hard with you mmmm