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#133481 - Then Phil and Tommy came at the same time and some of Phil’s cum landed on my legs and red silky thong, this was the first time I had felt another man’s sperm on me and the thrill it gave me was unbelievable, the lads thought it was a turn on to and Tommy said he wanted to cum on my thong next time, I turned as red as my thong but was so turned on by the thought of it that I told him he was welcome to, The following Wednesday I wore a pair of black lacy panties that covered my bottom completely and gave we a hard on at the thought of what might happen that night. That night as Tommy was taking me home he came in with me and explained he was still horny and then he pushed me to my knees and got his 8” cock out and pushed it into my mouth, I started to suck him off and play with his balls. Tommie’s cock felt great in my mouth and it wasn’t long before he fired his second load of the night this time deep in to my throat making me swallow down his salty load, he then thanked me pulled

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Valt aoi
Real juicy
Akatsuki yuni
So like do they make these machines or can you buy them if anybody knows where to buy them if you can let me know
Kiwako makina
I need sum bwc
James deen makes porn for girls with daddy issues and i love it
I like your handy work you take what he did give you and put it on toast for him