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#44367 - That's correct, Lauren Tanner replied, what your daughter calls a bra is nothing more than a piece of lycra being asked to perform an impossible task, and if I do say so, I think that you have been completely derelict in your duties as a mother! Joanne Reeves' face turned a bright shade of red and after collecting her thoughts stammered, W-why I never, the absolute gall, I have a mind to march right over to the principal's office and report your behavior!!! Kaylie had never seen her mother get so excited and upset in her life, but what happened next was even more stunning as out of nowhere Mrs. Tanner asked Joanne Reeves, So, do you see anything wrong here, I mean with your daughter's appearance or with her attire? Uh, should I, Joanne fairly whispered, she looks fine to me!?! Oh, really, Lauren retorted, I would hazard a guess that Kaylie has a 42 DDD-cup sized bust, and that that skimpy little bra is doing absolutely nothing to offer support for such large breasts, it's not only ba

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